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Communication officer at the Danish National Environmental Agency, Department for Species and Nature Conservation.

2016- 2019 

Self-employed journalist at Periskop Media House in Aarhus. E.g. working for Kristeligt Dagblad (Christian Daily),  various journals, Skanderborg Municipality and the NGO Mobile Gardens developing educational material for out door teching. Communicationtasks for the organisation Eden Alternative i Denmark.


Communication officer at ICROFS, International Center for Research in Organic Food Systems  at Aarhus University, Foulum. Freelancing for a number of different media, e.g. Kristeligt Dagblad (Christian Daily) and Danish Broadcast Company, DR.

Communication officer at  The Ecological Council, Copenhagen, Denmark and project manager for the development of the interactive educational material Fremtidens Landbrug (Farming for the Future – an computerbased role play on sustainable farm development)

Freelance journalist at Kristeligt Dagblad (Christian Daily) and Orientering, a current affairs program on DR, Danish Radio P1.
Co-editor at the magazine Global Ecology Co-owner of the newsweb 

Freelancer at Christian Daily (Kristeligt Dagblad), DR (Danish Radio) and for various journals and magazines.
Environmental reporting for various media from Indonesia (May-July 2012). Topics: Energy policy, renewable energy, climate issues, coping with natural disasters, culture and religion, islamisation.

Author of: Generationsmøder i praksis (Bridging the generation gab), Frydenlund, (2011) and
Skolehaver i praksis (Modern school gardens), Frydenlund, (2012)

Freelance correspondent Amsterdam and UK for Danish Radio (Orientering P1)  and Kristeligt Dagblad alongside with university studies.

Editor and presenter  at Miljømagasinet, Danish Radio – a weekly 45-minute radio programme on environmental affairs on the national public station involving current affairs and in-depth research on environmental policy, nature, conservation, energy and climate change. Research journeys to China, Chernobyl (Ukraine), Vietnam and Malaysia. Involved in a DANIDA-supported network project with Malaysian environmental journalist.

1997- 2001
Reporter and newseditor at the news desk at Danish Radio, Vejle (Regional department).
News journalism, radio production, editorial management, coaching.

Reporter at Landbrugsavisen, the Danish National Farmers Weekly.
Journalism on farming, farm economy and agro-politics.

Radio reporter at Østjyllands Radio – DR Århus regional department of Danish Radio. Regional radio news and features


2007-2009 MA in Journalism, Media studies and Globalisation (Erasmus Mundus Master)
An international MA in journalism and media studies at Århus University, Denmark (30 ETC), University of Amsterdam, NL (30 ETC), Swansea University, UK (60 ETC). Specialisation at Swansea University: Reporting war and conflict. Dissertation: Developing tools for analysing narrative structures in journalism: Case study: Åsne Seierstad’s coverage of the invasion of Iraq 2003 in the Danish newspaper Politiken.

1997 European Studies, Århus University
A two-year part time course (60 ETC) on European Studies: EU institutions, European history, politics and economics. My focus: Reforming the Common Agricultural Policy, CAP; National identity and nationalism in a European context. European relations with the Middle East.

1994 Middle East Studies, University of Southern Denmark
A two-year part time course (60 ETC) on Middle East Affairs: History, society, religion, politics and economics. Study tours to Turkey, Israel/Palestine and Egypt. My focus: Nation building, minority issues, water conflicts, water supply & security.

1988-92 BA in journalism, Danish School of Journalism
Including 18 month of internships and a one-year international specialisation, Europe in the world 1991-1992: An international study year for young professionals from all over Europe. The course took place at the schools of journalism in Denmark and in the Netherlands respectively including study tours to the EU institutions in Belgium and France and a two-month research journey to Latvia and Lithuania collecting material for my bachelor project on national identity and citizenship legislation in the two newly independent countries.

Subjects: History of the EU, European politics, international journalism. My focus: The common agricultural policy in EU, nationalism, nation building, minority conflicts and citizenship laws in the Baltic States after the independence.